Mini Shopping Haul

Ok. To many, this isn't quite a mini haul. For me, however, it is. I can't really remember buying anything for myself in 2018. Nothing more than necessities, a few snacks here and there, and Marley hair to keep my twists done. I have to do better with treating myself. That may not always mean spending money. It could mean taking more time to do the simple things I like. I got so caught up in the mundane routine of working, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, going to bed and doing it all over each and every day. 

I promised myself 3 things for 2019: 

1. Not to be so hard on myself
2. Love me a LOT more without regrets
3. Add some color to my closet

I used to feel guilty about buying things for myself, but I work hard whether I'm at my job or home with the babies. I refuse to keep feeling guilty about rewarding myself every now and then. Now, I won't spend if I have bills that are due, but you get the point!

My Christmas gift for myself was a new blog theme for this site and AJ Writer. (Let me know in the comments what you guys think of them) 

Check out what I purchased!

I walked into Bath and Body Works with their cousin, with no intentions of buying ANYTHING. Needless to say, I walked out with a few things and I don't regret it one bit. Many items were 75% or 50% off. Their semi-annual sale is still going on, so don't miss out!

I also purchased a 2019 planner some composition books on sale at Walmart. I've always loved to journal, but planning has never been something I was good at. I'd buy planners, but they all ended up collecting dust. I'm learning to plan instead of going on a whim. 

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