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I used to be a new hire trainer for the automotive company I work for, and one of the topics we discussed during the first couple days of class was customer retention and brand loyalty. There was an activity that allowed the agents to discuss, in a group setting, their favorite brands and what about the brands made them loyal. Some would mention the manufacturer of their cell phone, TV, vehicle or favorite retailer. The agents chose between customer service and quality of the product(s), and it was always about a 50/50 split.

Of course, my agents always made me participate (rolls eyes). I expressed to them that my favorite brand is Family Dollar, and not many were surprised.
In Detroit, there's a Family Dollar on almost every corner, so it's hard to pass by one without needing to stop in for something. There's one right across from where I live. We are there ALMOST EVERY DAY, no lie. A woman named Ms. Eunice used to work there on the weekends. She knew my babies by name and always gave them a sucker. I can buy EVERYTHING I purchase from Family Dollar from somewhere else. There are a ton of places to get tissue, candy, feminine products, clothes, etc., but for me, the service I experience at a store is what determines my loyalty. I understand that products are man-made and may fail, however, how the company deals with that failure or with me as a consumer, in general, is important to me. 

The beautiful thing about Family Dollar is that I have never had a problem with the items I've bought there. The Kidgets brand diapers and wipes are an AMAZING value, and both of my babies used them. M's cute little summer shoes, dresses, and shorts sets are the Family Dollar Kidgets brand. You can buy cute cheap clothes for little girls anywhere, and they will be just adorable as if they were wearing high-end clothing. This mama doesn't have a high-end budget, and despite what others think about cheaper-brand clothing, the material doesn't fray, tear or shrink. M has grown taller, not thicker over the years and a lot of her cute dresses are now worn as tunics with leggings or shorts.

I'm all about saving coins these days, so imagine the joy I experienced when I found out Family Dollar has a smart coupon app!

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The app is available on Android and Apple devices. All you need to do is create an account using your email and phone number, review the weekly add and clip coupons, enter your phone number at the register when checking out, and VOILA! The discounts are added automatically.


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