New Full-Time Mom

B & M's dad has been playing the role of full-time dad since early 2015. His oldest son was in school and we wanted to make sure that he along with B & M went to the same school through M's preschool year. It was an emotional struggle for me. They lived east with dad during the week and I was the 'weekend mom'. People would assume that I loved the free time when in all actuality it was basically like living a nightmare. I understand needing a break from time to time, but I neither loved nor enjoyed being away from them all week. I don't know about you, but sometimes phone calls weren't enough.
I wasn't worried, though because he took very good care of them. They excelled in school and were as well-behaved as any 6 and 4-year-olds could be.

Dad recently moved to AZ and I am now a full-time mom!! I consider myself a great mom. Perfect? Nah, but determined to raise well-rounded, emotionally and mentally sound and intelligent children. We're on the right track. I work full-time so I had to enroll them in a daycare for the summer. They LOVE it! B is in the older latch key group so they go on 2 to 3 field trips per week. M kinda chills with the kids at the center. She has never had a problem with making friends. She has the most gentle and giving spirit and seriously loves her. Putting them in daycare keeps them busy all week and ensures they won't be bored until school starts.

I do my best to plan out our day/weeks. After work/daycare we either visit our friends Grace and Dell and the kids or I let them run around til dinner. After that, it's bath time and then lights out. I just received B's "Summer Bridge" K-1 workbook so he and M will be doing homework every day to keep them sharp and prepare them for the next school year. I'm excited to buy book bags, school supplies and uniform and I'm looking forward to doing homework and attending Parent/Teacher Conferences and awards ceremonies. I know it won't always be easy but it's more than worth it. I excited for this journey!


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