30 Day Writing Challenge

I found this great writing challenge while surfing through Instagram photos. I created a new page that is strictly for my business, so I have to be sure that I only follow pages that are inspirational and influential to my business. One of the pages I came across was that of Sharai Robbin. She is an author, literary coach and what she calls an "Authorpreneuer". You can check her out via her IG handle @sharairobbin.

The current semester's classes will be ending for me after today's class, so I will have plenty of time to devote to completing this challenge beginning on May 1st. If you aren't great at committing to challenges but still need some writing ideas you can check out this short list of writing prompts. I hope you guys decide to complete this awesome challenge with me!! If you haven't already, please follow my Instagram page @a_j_writer.

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