Braylin's 5th Birthday

So, my little man turned 5 on Nov. 28th. His dad and I had two separate parties. I wasn't able to do anything super extravagant, but one thing I am grateful for is the fact that my son is humble and grateful. He told me that he just wanted to eat and spend time with me. We ended up going to Rain Forest CafĂ© in Great Lakes Crossing outlet mall. They have a souvenir shop, large fish tanks and animals that move and make their sounds. The food is a bit expensive, but the atmosphere and his enjoyment made it so worth it. I had looked at photos of the restaurant online for almost two years and had planned on taking them this past summer, but never got the opportunity to. Needless to say, my son had an absolute ball!! I hope no one was offended that I didn't invite them. It was last minute and I really just wanted it to be the three of us. My little man is getting so big. He is so smart and loving. Time is going by too quickly. I guess I should begin preparing for prom...sheesh!

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