Bray's Two Birthday Parties

Braylin's 5th birthday is this Saturday. His dad had planned on taking him to Sky Zone. He said that he would pay for the kids and I would cover the decorations and cake or cupcakes. We never had issues when it came to the kids, but this year Bray will have two separate parties. He won't even tell me where his party will be. We got into an argument and he took his personal issues and frustrations out on me. It's absolutely ridiculous, but I refuse to stress and let him ruin another minute of my life. If I have to do something separate for Bray then so-be-it. The thing that makes it easy for me is that my son is such a humble little man. He tells me often that he just wants Ninja Turtle decorations and wants to spend time with me. Christmas is coming up, and due to his birthday being so close mommy is on a tight budget.

Turning 5 is a milestone, at least to me. With that being said, I'm not big on material things but I will do all I can to make sure he enjoys his day with me. His birthday gift is so simple, yet it will mean so much to him. I'll post about the joy of his day on Sunday. I've always had this fear that in having separate parties there will be a sort of competition, but I can only do what I can do.

For all of you single moms, do you and your child's/children's father have combined or separate parties? If separate, why? Are there ever issues that arise as far as what your child expects because of the separation? 

I'd love to read your responses!!

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