"Portait of Love"

"Paint a picture with your heart as the brush. Gently lay out the fabric of my being and envision a portrait so unique and beautiful that the rainbow lays at your feet and says to you "use me as you please". Each stroke glides across my white canvas with hues of purple and gold that bring out the queen in me. Your love brings out the queen in me. The sky blue background exposes my weaknesses and pain as the white painted clouds cover up my wrath and anger that burn entangled in the painted sun that desperately tries to illuminate the dark spaces in the corners of my mind. Free me from this prison. The aqua colored sea is where I'll go for healing and protection but the blank white edges of the canvas keep me locked at sea in the center of the madness. Paint me as you see me. Illuminate my curves and my mind. Bring the portait to life. Hang me for the world to see that I'm a painful work of art painted by love."

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