Introducing Your Children to Christ

Teaching children about Christ is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING a parent can do. Yes, we must provide for them, make sure they get a good education and teach them about relationships and finances, but the foundation for their very way of life is Jesus Christ. We should be led by the Holy Spirit so that the things we teach them come from God and not from the world. My Grandfather was a pastor, so we went to church but I didn't have an understanding of Christ until almost into adult hood. We'd sit in church each Sunday running our mouths...sometimes hearing, but not listening to the word preached. Outside of church no one sat down and asked us if we knew who Christ was. Not knowing my King and Savior as a youth made it hard for me to trust Him as I grew up, especially when I had already experienced pains and struggles prior to knowing Him. My friends and family weren't there for me as I felt they should have been so how was I supposed to believe in and have faith in someone I couldn't see or feel (in a physical sense)?

It's so imperative that children are introduced to Christ at an early age. Some would argue that it makes no sense to expose them to someone they can't see because they are just too young to understand. Well, call it grace, but my children know who Jesus is. True, they don't have the ability to pray with as much of an understanding as I do but setting the foundation for Him to show Himself to them when they are older is important. When my babies pray before meals and bedtime I ask them who Christ is. Their response is a learned one, "my Savior and He died for my sins". Just as we must memorize scriptures we must plant seeds into their minds so that they will grow later. Children are very intelligent. My mom recently passed and the kids randomly ask if GiGi is in Heaven with Michael (Jackson) and their dad's grandmother. Braylin said to me at breakfast one day, "Mommy, God can see everyone in the whole world with both of His eyes". WOW! He may not have the mental capacity to understand how large "the whole world" is but he's grasping onto the concept of God's omnipotent power.

There are so many ways you can bring your children into the knowledge of who Christ is. Here are a few:

  • Buy a children's bible and read to them from it daily if possible. I know we have busy lives, but if we need to make it through each day we should do the same for the babies.
  • Figure out your child's best way of learning. You can print coloring and crossword pages with bible characters on them. You can create flashcards as well and do arts and crafts projects as well.
  • Quiz them on what you read to them. So, maybe focus on a particle scripture or even a chapter depending on their age and give them prizes or treats for correct answers. Have them learn one scripture each week and recite it to you for a prize.
  • Children love stories. When you read from the bible tell it in story form. This is not to take away or add from the Holy scriptures, but you have to meet children where they are. Use photos and music if you want.
Listening to gospel music and reading to them from my bible were my top 2 ways to teach them about Christ, but not too long ago a coworker introduced me to's Bible for Kids. It is a gold mine and I get excited every time they ask to open it up. It's in an interactive story book form and explores the big stories of the bible such as the creation of the world, Christ's birth and Noah's ark to name a few. Each story asks questions at the end or even in the middle. It's available in the Google Play store and it should be offered in the iTunes app store. If you haven't download it I seriously suggest you do so. You will fall in love with it! bible app for kids bible app for kids bible app for kids

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