A New Beginning

Things have changed so much for me in the past couple of weeks. I started a new job this past Monday. Whoohoo!! I was at my old job for a little over two years, and I was just ready for a change and a bit more money. I'll have weekends off and I won't be working past 6pm. That's a big change from my previous job's often changing schedule. I'm really looking forward to the consistency and stability. I established some good relationships with my old coworkers. I was always rambling about random things to people and vice versa. There are a few people that I'm definitely going to keep in contact with. I was so oblivious as to what was going on during my last day. Everyone passed around a card and I had no clue, lol. You never really know how people actually feel about your until you're leaving or already gone. Some people's attitude changed and they hardly spoke to me. I was more than okay with that. Not everyone will be happy when God blesses you. I'm going to miss a lot of people!

A major thing changed in my life and I'm still adjusting. I'm single. He moved out and now my babies aren't with me every day. That's probably the hardest part. I find myself sitting here looking at the wall thinking of their laughs and of us playing. See, I talking as if they're no longer around...smh. I love my babies. Not having them every day is something I'm not sure I'll ever get used to, but I know I have to or I'll drive myself crazy lol. 

Lady in Waiting

Being single wasn't something that I expected or wanted. We had talks of engagement and marriage, but God's plan trumped ours. We weren't doing things His way so He had to break us to break us up. We are still great friends and awesome parents. I can't worry about who he's with and all that jazz. A breakup is never easy, but it gets better as the days go by. I won't be dating the next Joe that comes my way. My focus is different now and consists of God, my babies and my endeavors. I can definitely see that God is still ordering my steps. I can't quite see the entire picture but I know He's painting a beautiful portrait. I'm ready to embrace life in a new way with God's promises in my heart.

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