5 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

5 things to teach your daughter

1. How to pray and depend on God for everything. Not growing up knowing who God is made life hard for me. I made a ton of mistakes not knowing any better and I lived for a very long time feeling condemned for things I did or that were done to me. Making sure that she is deeply rooted in Christ with a solid foundation is the most important thing I can do for her.

2. How to manage and save money and invest in herself. Having good credit is not something that I learned when growing up. I'm at the point now where there are things I want, but my credit isn't as great as it should be to obtain them. It's so important to teach her to plan for her future without neglecting herself. There's nothing wrong with treating and rewarding yourself sometimes.

3. How to be of service to others. We were put on this earth to glorify God and to be a blessing to others. Teaching her how important it is to give her time and resources to others in need will definitely shape the type of woman she will become.

4. How to love her self and know her worth. It's important to teach our daughters self-love so that they don't allow the world to define who they are. I always tell her how beautiful and loved she is, and I can't wait to have conversations about self-love and confidence. She'll also know the importance of a healthy living style to try to avoid health related diseases.

5. How to cook. Not for a man, but for herself. It's not okay for our daughter's to just know how to boil hot dogs and make burgers and fries or salad. God's will for her life may not include getting married, so she'll need to know how to provide nourishing meals for herself and for me when I don't want to cook!

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