DIY: Prayer Journal

I buy so many journals it's not even funny. T won't let me buy Well, He knows how much I'm growing to love arts and crafts projects that he got me a cute large pink wicker box full of craft supplies. Inside were rhinestones, paint and brushes, stickers, a hot glue gun and other embellishments and do-dads. He also at a separate time purchased me a simple black journal that had "Write" on the front. It was about 6 bucks from Barnes and Noble. I typically don't fill up my journals because I get bored with them. Dumb, I know, so I decided to create one that I knew I'd want to fill up. I used Elmers glue to add the decorative paper and the little pocket inside the front cover. I used my hot glue gun to add gold ribbon along the seams and edges of the inside cover and green flat back rhinestones for a bit of flare. I absolutely love it and I can't wait to fill it up with prayers and personal bible study notes. I'll make another one one day, but I'm determined to finish this one before I either purchase or create a new one. I hope you guys like it!

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