My Children's Future

As a mom, I wonder often what my babies will be like when they grow up. I want to know what type of foods they'd like, where'd like like to travel, what careers they'd choose and even what what type of friends they'll choose. I just want to protect them from crazy decisions and mistakes and from others who may mean them harm. I know it will be impossible to go everywhere they go, but I pray that I raise them up to make godly decisions for every aspect of their lives. I want them to have a knowledge of how the world works, but more than anything I want them to grow into a deeps understanding of who Christ is. 

My babies are so bright and lively. Kid's are curious beings and they pay attention to detail. I'm human. I'm not always on my 'A' Game. I get stressed and I seem faithless at times. They notice that too. Sometimes, I'll go into my grow to let out a quick cry, but Super Melanie is always quick to burst into my room to wipe my tears. I won't always be there for them and I know I won't be able to teach them all there is or even all I'd like for them to know, but it is my prayer that their curiosity propels them into a growing relationship with God. They will stumble, but I know God will help them gain their footing and guide them into righteousness. My babies will  know Christ. They may see mommy fail, but they'll understand that I am flesh and God is their ultimate source of strength and hope for the future...

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