My 2015 Goal List

I missed out on a lot in 2014 because I was being led by fear instead of by Christ. He gave me a vision and purpose and instead of following through I held back. I sulked in pity because I don't have anyone to help. I tried making friends, but those people didn't stick around. I'd sit for hours going over ideas and plans without implementing any of them. I know that if  I don't fulfill the purpose that God bestowed on my he'll hand it over to someone else, and I refuse to waste my talents. I had almost given up, but he reminded me that He is my source of strength and inspiration. It doesn't matter what the next individual is doing or how successful that business is. What matters is that I'm doing what he so gracefully entrusted me to do. Does that mean I may have to go it alone and struggle for a while? Perhaps, but I don't care anymore. I'm excited about my future and I have faith that once I become diligent in doing my part, he provide me with the needed people and resources. 

With that being said, here is my goal list for 2015. Things will be added as the year goes on, so this is a starter!

  1. Blog 2x-3x a week
  2. Attend a blog conference (crosses fingers!)
  3. Go on one small vacation with my man
  4. Go on a vacation with The Way 2 Live Crew
  5. Start up a children's program for my non-profit The Christian Family Network
  6. Establish an actual relationship with 5 bloggers. Hey Bobbie!! 
  7. Go back to school (May start date - Lord willing)
  8. Read my entire bible. If you guys aren't hip to She Reads Truth you are TRULY missing out. It's an online bible study that breaks down books of the bible and offers awesome resources and study tips. Such an awesome network of women/believers!
  9. Attend at least 2 networking events. I really want to attend The Powerful Women's 2-day weekend event this year. I went to their annual luncheon earlier this year.
  10. Dye my hair
  11. Host at least 2 fundraising events for The Christian Family Network
  12. Read more!

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