Partners in Crime

When I got pregnant with Melanie I was so excited. My relationship at the time wasn't perfect, but I thought we were alright. Well, at least my heart wanted us to be alright. Being nervous is an understatement, because Braylin had turned one only a few month prior to her conception. I wanted Bray to have plenty of time with only me. Life with him was difficult. I had lost my place just months after he was born. I promised myself that I wouldn't have another child until I was married and financially stable. Well, we see how that promise turned out, lol. 

I told him I was pregnant with her, but he had other plans. He wanted an abortion; I did not, so along comes Melanie and away he went. It hurt for maybe 1 second, and I quickly got over it. Bray was going to be a big brother!! I'd have to say the best part of having 2 kids is watching them interact and grow together. She loves him to death. They argue and she tries to take his toys (even though I buy her dolls), but he enjoys being a big brother. Her words are hardly understandable, but it's amazing to see them plot and scheme about food and staying up past their bedtime. I'm glad that I was able to have my son before my daughter. I'm excited for her to have a big brother to give her advice and support her through everything.

What would Bray do without his big brother?! Drive me absolutely nuts! My boyfriend co-parents and when TJ goes to his moms Braylin gets depressed for a moment until he realizes he has Melanie to fall back on, lol. They love each other, and the amazing thing is that TJ won't do anything if Bray can't be involved with him. They are always quick to tell on each other, but they defend each other when it comes to others...even family members. The both of them are super protective of Mel. Sometimes Bray wants to be the big brother and out of the goodness of his heart TJ will let him. Do you guys ever sit and listen to your kid's conversations? It's always so random and most of the time it makes absolutely no sense at all. They argue about who ate their food the quickest, who didn't brush their teeth long enough and who should let Mel play with their toys. 

This is their world. Travell and I are just silent observers.

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