7 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship with God

As humans, we needs someone to talk to and relate to. We need someone to encourage us and accept us for who we are. We have a deep desire to be understood. For many, it is hard to have a true relationship with God, because he isn't seen and often times not heard. Humans gravitate towards the tangible, however a relationship with God is the most important relationship you could have.

Sometimes we get so wrapped in our daily lives that we neglect God. The intimate friendships like the ones we have with people is also possible with Him. Here are 7 ways to build and strengthen your relationship with the one true God.

1. Read the Bible
There are so many books, tv shows, movies and YouTube videos that try to depict who God is. While it is great that many of the information comes from the bible it is found that many add their own perspective and opinions. The best way to find out about God, his reasoning and love is to read the word he set out for us.

2. Commune with God
It is so easy to read a documentary or hear from others about someone's life. Oftentimes, we get the opinions of others and do background checks before forming friendships with people, but nothing will help you learn more about those people than spending quality time with and talking to them. The same goes with God. Take time out of each day to talk to him. Understanding the bible can be hard, but he will give you clarity  and understanding if you ask for it. Hold a conversation with God just as you would your friends.

3. Meditate on Scripture
God have given us the power to speak life into our situations. Many of us lack the faith to do so and we rely on God to make ways for us. While he is happy to do so, the Holy Spirit allows us to change our own circumstances. We have the ability to cast out demons and speak to our finances and such in Jesus name. Prophesy in your own lives. Meditating on scripture allows God's word to sink deeply into your spirit and eventually your behaviors, thoughts and feelings with match that of God's. Growth comes from knowing His word.

4. Find a Church Home
Attending weekly service and/or bible study is very instrumental in growing in Christ. The point is to be around like-minded individuals and to hear the word. It is vital and biblical as Christ himself went to church. (Luke 4:16) We are in constant need of encouragement from other church members.

5. Accountability Partner
Finding an accountability partner can be difficult. It can be hard to let someone get close enough to share your thoughts, or feelings of guilt, etc. James 5:6 tells us to confess our sins to each other and be relational. It is our job to pray for each other. We all go through spiritual warfare and it is imperative to have someone pray on your behalf. Your accountability partner should hold you responsible for your actions, but instead of tearing you down and making you feel guilty they should be encouraging and motivating you.

6. Take Breaks
Life keeps us busy. If you are a parent, planning to get away can be a full-time job itself. An extensive vacation isn't always needed, but it is important to take time for yourself to commune with God. I list some "Me Time" ideas for moms HEREAs humans we need the time to clear our minds and reset. Utilize all resources, such as family members, day care or that friend who keeps promising to watch your children. A day or even a few hours may be all you need for rejuvenation. Also, find as much time as you can throughout the day to talk to God. That 5 or 10 minute break could be a life saver.

7. Repeat steps 1-4 DAILY!!

We are nothing without God. We make sure to spend time with our significant others daily so why not do that with God? No relationship will grow without you being intentional. God wants more of you.

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