Happy Birthday Braylin: Birth Story

My little man turned 4 today! He's getting so big on me, but I just don't want him to grow up!! The past 4 years have been amazing. I'm sure that most moms can say that their kids bring them unspeakable joy even when they are driving them nuts. Braylin wasn't conceived in the most ideal fashion, but I've not once regretting my decision to watch him grow. He's my little twin. I just wanted to share our birth story...

I got pregnant with Braylin around Valentine's Day in 2010. My pregnancy was pretty easy. As I said before, his conception wasn't ideal, but I was super excited. I was going to be a mom!! Maybe a month into my pregnancy I got depressed and reconsidered keeping him. His dad and I weren't together, and there was a lot of drama going on. I remember breaking down in my apartment. I told God I was tired and that I was sorry for the decisions that lead towards me getting pregnant. I scheduled an abortion but canceled the day of. That next week I scheduled another one but cancelled that the day of as well. I knew that deep in my heart I didn't want to do it. I guess maybe I set the appointments as a cry out for help and support, but the crazy part is that no one knew I scheduled them. Everything was in God's hands at that point.

I guess I'll flash forward to when I went into labor. I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions a few days before, as just as most first time moms do, I jumped up and went to the hospital. Of course they sent me home. I officially went into labor around 2:30am on November 28, '10. My mucus plug came out and the contractions grew closer together. I refused to go to the hospital and spend forever there without eating so I called the hospital for advice. My contractions were only about 9 minutes apart. My sister and friend were there with me and at around 9:30am I had them get me McDonald's and Burger King. YES...I ate breakfast from both places, lol. I was being lazy, so my hospital bag was packed hours before I left to the hospital. I had my worst contractions on the way there. My seat
belt stayed off and I was all over the dashboard and windshield. My water hadn't broken yet. They checked me and I was already 9cm dilated which meant that it was too late to get an epidural. Man, I was livid, but oh well. What could I do? The delivery went smoothly and quickly. I pushed for about 11 minutes and my Prince was born.

It is so true when people say that having your freshly born child rest on your chest makes you forget all of life's cares. God has truly blessed me and I don't take my being a parent lightly. I'm not perfect, but I hope to be able to give my babies opportunities that I didn't have. I have my moments where I get frustrated and just want to be away from home, but I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world.

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