DIY Kid's Crafts: Toy Box

I thought about my babies all day today while at work. Most days I wish I could be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) so I can spend most of my time with them. I gave up a couple of hours to get home early so we could work on a project. My goal is to do one once a week. Tonight we made personal toy boxes out of shoe boxes. We used Nike boxes because the tops are attached and I don't have to worry about them losing them.

Step 1: Print out an animal drawing of your choice and color it
Step 2: Glue wiggly eyes onto the photo (can be found at any craft store or Meijer, Walmart, etc.)
Step 3: Measure construction paper for each side of the box and glue them on with a glue stick or adhesive of your choice
Step 4: Saving the best part for last, glue on their colored photo!

This is a simple and easy yet fun project. It truly makes them happy and give them a sense of independence with they put together their own projects. 

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