6 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter while Lowering Heat Costs

I live in an apartment and I don’t pay for gas or water, but at one point I did live with my Ma. Man, her bill would be THROUGH THE ROOF! I would love a house right now for the extra space and to work towards something that I could own, but it will come in due time. My financial situation will one day allow me to get a house I will love. I've come up with a few ways to save on your gas bill during the winter months while staying warm. I’m big on trying to include my babies in whatever I do, so this post will include things they will love.

1.  Place plastic on windows and on any doors that aren't being used. Older homes can be a bit drafty so unless you are replacing windows plastic is a perfect and pretty cheap alternative. You may also want to close up any attic entries by using older blankets, sheets or anything similar. Many stores such as The Home Depot have window plastic kits available from $5-$15.
2.  Bundle up!! I absolutely LOVE pajamas. I grabbed a pair my Ma had after she passed and I’ll be wearing them on Christmas day. Each year my babies receive the full body sleepers for Christmas from family and they love them. My go to brand for sleepers and onesies is Carter's. I love that their clothes run a little big because I'm big on longevity when it comes to their clothes. Since I don’t pay a heat bill I usually rock a tank and some shorts, but I know that I need to practice my bundling skills. Most of the time we are in the living room watching TV with blankets which of course will aso help you to stay warm.

3.  Turn the heat down when you’re not home. I know that we all want to come home to a roast toasty home after a long day at work or after spending time outside, but having the temperature hiked up all day may not be such a great idea. Our go to temperature when we are home is 72 degrees. When we aren't home we turn it down to between 50-65 degrees. 

4.  Use a space heater. Space heaters are a must have for any family who lives in cold areas. The heater will be in whatever room we are in for the majority of the day which is usually the living room. You can keep the heat down to a minimum and close the doors to other rooms to keep the heat where you guys will be. Another good practice is to close vents in any rooms that aren't in use. That will route the hot air to the room with open vents.
5.  Leave the oven cracked after use. I plan on baking a lot this winter. My babies will be decorating their cookies for Christmas (will be posted) and I can’t wait. My favorite brand is Pillsbury. I TRY to stay away from fried foods, and once I get back to eating healthily I’ll be baking the majority of my meats. After baking, turn the oven off but leave it open and let the heat travel through the kitchen and into other rooms. You’re paying for the gas anyways, so you might as well get your money's worth.

6.  Drink warm/hot fluids. My babies love kool-aid. We keep it to a minimum, but they don’t always want to drink water. They've grown to LOVE hot coco, so when we go grocery shopping we stock up on that and marshmallows Another of my go to drinks is tea. You can’t go wrong with tea! There are many flavors and brands to choose from so you won’t ever get bored with variety. My favorite right now is Family Dollar’s Orange Spice tea. It’s cheap, but it tastes so good with a bit of honey and a few drops of lemon.

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