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Do any of you have a favorite child? Would you rather spend more time talking to or do you relate more to one of your kids?? I had a conversation with my boyfriend a few months or so back about his relationship with our babies. We have 3...TJ is the oldest and is from his past relationship. My son Braylin is his. I had this complex about him not loving Braylin as much as he loved TJ. I would watch them react and it just seemed like he was more into TJ. Man, it used to make me so mad. I couldn't understand how a parent could love one child more than their other. I got fed up and broke down to him about it. Yea, I cried. I love my babies and they all deserve to be treated equally.

What he told me changed the way I looked at my babies and reevaluate my parenting. He said that it isn't that he loves TJ more. TJ just shows him more attention than Braylin does. TJ loves his daddy and sometimes would rather spend time with him than play with his toys. Travell constantly reminds me that Bray is a mommy's boy, but that wasn't enough. I still wasn't ok with his response, lol. It wasn't until he told me that I favor Bray over Melanie that I shut up my emotions. I argued with him up and down ya'll, like "no I don't, don't try to flip this around!" I wasn't having it, lol.

The truth is, he was right. Now, I love both of my babies with all of my heart, but I grew up a tomboy so I naturally connect with Bray more. Besides, he'd rather spend time with me than do anything else. I find myself putting loose sweats and tshirts on Melanie while lounging instead of cute pjs and she often rocks Braylin's old Old Navy hoodie with we run a quick errand.

I guess it's safe to say that neither of us have a favorite child. Kids have a personality and we gravitate towards those who mesh with ours. TJ looks just like his dad and he is his 1st born. Bray is my first born. It wasn't until recently that God humbled and and helped me to realize that we both share an equal amount of love for our babies. 

Do you have a favorite child? If so, why? Is it hard for you to display an equal amount of affection to all of your children?

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