There is Power in Celibacy

The words in the photo above this post are very true. There definitely is power in celibacy. I remember making the decision to wait until marriage. Travell wasn't exactly 100% for it and I wasn't sure I was either. Neither of us had a serious relationship in which we wanted to wait until marriage. We were so used to sex being a make up tool after arguments, or we would just do it because we could. I've never really dated in the past. I just right into a commitment and right into having sex. I have a horrible past, but God's grace is awesome!!

I don't believe that God wants people to be perfect and have it all together before they get in a relationship, but He does require that we are faithful and obedient to Him and ALL areas of our lives. Our relationships won't be perfect, but they will be blessed through Him if He is the foundation. 

Staying celibate was a struggle in the beginning. We going back and forth and I would be so pissed that I'd take it out on Him. To be honest, it wasn't his fault. He didn't try to push me. My flesh was so weak that I'd give in. I got tired of crying and living with regret feeling like I've failed God and myself. We have been celibate for over 3 months to date. It might not seem like a long time to you, but it has certainly been a journey that wouldn't be possible if not for God. 

Being celibate is teaching me discipline and I have a deeper love and respect for myself. Sex clouds your judgement, and being celibate allows you to look at your relationship and the person you're with from all angles. If you're celibate I'm so happy for you. If not, but you want to be I'll be your support!! 

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