Thank You, God

What if you woke up with only the things you thanked God for last night? Many of us would be dead.  Our children would be dead, we'd lose our jobs and relationships. We'd be a lot wreck! I remember living in a squatter house (abandoned house lived in illegally without paying rent/utilities) and waking up daily thanking God for the little we had. Before I lost my place in '10 I very seldom thanked God for anything. I wasn't saved and I didn't know the importance of it. Losing virtually everything I owned humbled me and helped me to be grateful and more appreciative.

Even today, I get so wrapped up in daily life that I forget to thank Him before my feet hit the ground. I have to remember to do so before I leave the house, but the more you do it and the closer you get to God the more it will become second nature. There is power in praise. You may not have all of what you want or even need, but it is vitally important to thank God in advance. Tomorrow could be the day that you lose it ALL...

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