My Natural Hair: Wash Day!

Sunday is typically my wash and deep condition day. I couldn't wait for today's wash. I've been so stressed lately and it seriously relaxed me. Anywhoo... I love trying new products, and I'll probably become a product junkie especially after learning that my hair has more than one texture. It's weird, lol. I'd get so frustrated after undoing my twists for the day's twist out. The back would come out perfectly and the top would often turn into this little poofy mess. It was so annoying, because I thought I was using the right product and such. I absolutely LOVE being natural and I've learned that most people have at least 2 textures of hair. Well, enough of my rant. I wanted to show you guys my wash day process. Here ya go!  

I hate washing my hair. It leaves it so dry and brittle. I used to use rinse out conditioner, to wash but it wouldn't cleanse as good as I wanted it too. One day I spent almost an hour in my local beauty supply store. The owner kept watching me, oh well. I felt like I was a kid in a huge toy store and was asked to only pick ONE toy...had no clue what I wanted. I remembered reading a natural hair forum and someone suggested buying a shampoo without sulfates and other harsh chemicals. The first one I saw on the shelf was Dark and Lovely's anti-shrinkage Mango Oil and Bamboo Milk shampoo. This stuff smells sooo good!! It doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and lifeless. This will probably always be my go-to shampoo. (I didn't use this today. Just wanted to show it off!)

One thing I've learned from going to natural hair events and from reading blogs and social media pages is that we (black women and especially naturals) don't have to our hair as often as we think. Our hair generates it own oils and we strip it with each wash. However, just using rinse-out conditioner isn't enough, at least not for me. Some genius somewhere decided to come up with the co-wash concept. I wish I could meet that person. I'd buy them lunch, lol. Seriously though, Pantene's co-wash CLEANSING conditioner starts a fire in my hair strands and gives it new reason to thrive. This stuff is like crack. I only co-wash weekly, unless I go overboard on the products during the week. If you haven't tried a co-wash or are still looking for a good one, I'd suggest you get this!

I recently dyed my hair, and I know that deep conditioning is essential after any chemical treatment. Why not just stick with the stuff they put in the box...? I used Clairol's Textures and Tones honey blonde dye. Don't really understand why Pantene conditioner would be in the box though...'shrugs'. After co-washing my hair I put this on and finger detangled. Using a comb can be deadly to strands if you rush or just don't do it correctly (detangle from the ends and work your way up). I let this sit for about 10 minutes. I had only planned to leave it on for 5, but I was washing and folding clothes. It doesn't hurt for it to sit on your hair a bit longer.

Once the Pantene conditioner was rinsed out I put Palmer's coconut oil protein pack on and worked into my ends like I was mixing meatloat before tossing it in the oven. Well not that hard but I really focused on my ends. I put on my aluminum heat cap, which was only a couple of bucks from the beauty supply I think. The package says to let it sit from 10-20 minutes, but I'm sure it was on for at least 30. This stuff smells pretty good. I hate the taste of coconut but the scent is awesome! After washing and conitioning my hair I flat twisted it. I'll do another post about the products used and style later.

The shrinkage is REAL!! I love my hair. Becoming natural is one of the best decisions I've made for my life. I used to wear weaves and such because I didn't think I was pretty enough. My lack of eyebrows (they are so thin) made it worse, lol. I'm loving who I am. There are things I'd like to change, but God is definitely working on me.


  1. You're beautiful just the way you are. Sounds like you've found a great line up of products. That in itself can be a challenge sometimes. Good for you :)

  2. I hate washing my hair too. The longer it gets, the lazier I get. It has to be done though

  3. Subscribing - just to see the dried style. I love your hair color choice, too!

  4. I've always wondered about that co-wash from Pantene... I guess maybe now I'll go ahead and buy it! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Did the owner of the beauty supply try to help you narrow down toe selection? I tell the ladies of my natural group DO NOT BE A PA (PRODUCT JUNKIE). LOL. Saying that hardly ever works.

    It's about trial and error, I'm sure y'all find the right rhythm. :)


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