Kindred Apparel: The Fight Against Homelessness

I have a non-profit organization (The Christian Family Network) that raises funds to put together care packages for families in the metro Detroit area who are making the transition from homeless shelters to housing. I went through a season of homelessness and displacement, and I can testify that it is hard to get back on your feet when you have lost virtually everything.

I lost my apartment shortly after having my son in 2010. People told me that my best option was to find a shelter where I would receive help to find a place, however I had also lost my job. Getting a new place wasn't an option for me at that time. I was in a shelter in Ann Arbor, but I left early because started dating a coworker and quickly moved in with him. That wasn't the best idea, but I hated the idea of eating and sleeping on someone else's schedule. My son wasn't free to run and play. I just...wasn't comfortable. To make a long story short, I left him and moved in with my mom. When that didn't work out I moved to a Salvation Army shelter in Detroit. I was pregnant with my daughter at that time. I left less than a week after Mel was born because the place had a horrible bedbug infestation and I refused to have my babies there. There were several families that went through each shelter without receiving help, because funding just wasn't available when people needed it.

Earlier this year Kindred Apparel was born. There are so many t-shirt companies out there, and it was hard finding my place in the midst. There are only so many sayings and scriptures one can use, and it is hard to be original. What sets my company apart is that I'm not in it to make a buck. 100% of proceeds go towards helping needy families make a smoother transition into their new place. When I got my apartment last year we had a mattress and my babies were sleeping blankets on the floor. It was definitely a hard process. I didn't have help but God has truly blessed us. There is great joy in having a place you can call your own even if it is empty for a while. I hope to be able to help others with essential items such as toiletries, laundry detergent and other household items. It wasn't until recently that I figured it all out and I'm am going to make it my mission those help who were once in my place.

If you have been homeless/displaced than you probably understand my passion. I am currently looking for a fundraising committee. Details of available positions and requirements will be posted shortly here on my blog, as well as our social media sites. The Christian Family Network's site is currently being built, so please stay tuned! If you and/or anyone you know is interested in being a part of something greater than yourself please fill out the contact form on the right side panel this blog and I'll respond as soon as I can. 


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2. @kindredapparel on and visit the Online Store to purchase a tshirt. 100% of proceeds go towards needy families in the metro Detroit area.

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