Dear Journal,

An essential part of bible study is having a journal to record your thoughts, feelings, etc. Many people are more comfortable writing versus speaking out loud when communicating with God. Journals aren't just great for organizing your thoughts; They allow you to track your growth. There's great joy in reading your past and seeing how far God has brought you.

Be sure to include include dates and topic headings when writing and doing bible study. Write down all references scriptures and outside sources such as blog addresses, books, online articles, etc. that inspired your writings. I like to be detailed in my writings to God. You don't have to be formal. Remember, your journal is YOUR baby. It's your heart and experiences. Be as real and honest as you possibly can. God knows your heart anyways, so don't hold back. Pour out your soul onto those pages. There is no right or wrong way to study the bible, just don't add to or take away from it. Before beginning your study, pray for God's wisdom to leap off of the pages and into your spirit. Ask him to open your heart and mind to accept what is written. You won't catch everything at once, so take your time. Let God guide you and speak to you through those pages. If you want to know about how I journal and do my bible study feel free to ask me!

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