"My Protector and Provider"

Lately, I've been dealing with stressing over not knowing what my future holds. I've been desperately wanting to go back to school. I could get an Associates in 1 maybe 2 semesters. What I really want is a 4-year degree, but for some reason I feel like maybe that's not what He wants for me...at least not now.

I want so much more for my little face people and for myself. I've never had a lot of money. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that I dealt with homelessness. Lately, it seems that a lot of my time is wasted on stressing about finances and wanting a better job with better pay. I mean, who doesn't want that?? Sometimes I want more than JUST ENOUGH. Worrying about money and a degree I may never obtain has been distracting me from spending time with God. I've been working overtime and it has me exhausted and agitated. Well, God definitely caught my attention this morning...

I woke up with a lot on my mind. I had the desire to get up and commune with God, however I could physiclly feel my spirit warring against my flesh. Has that ever happened to you guys? My mind was bombarded by all types of random thoughts, and I stayed in bed for another 3 minutes. I finally jumped up and prayed. I got ready for work, gave kisses to my babies and I was out the door. My car wouldn't start! Finances popped back into my head as I was thinking about the OT I'd be missing. In a nutshell, the second key for the car doesnt have whatever chip it needs to start the car because it has an alarm system. I thought it broke down or something. My boyfriend later pulled up the pic below. The accident happened on the road I take to work at the time I wouldve been on my way. Thank God the woman wasn't injured.

This just helps me to remember that life is about so much more than working crazy hours. Our needs are ALWAYS met, and sometimes God blesses us with extra. I'm learning to be content with what God has given us. I am truly blessed and grateful!!


  1. Yes, let's be content as we presently find ourselves trusting and believing that God will honor His Word if we continue to seek.

    BTW, I lived in Detroit 17 years :). Back on my home turf on the West Coast.

    Beautiful job Soldier!

  2. I totally feel you on that. Sometimes, when I am really worried and down...I allow my flesh to win the war and I don't stay in communication with God as much as I should, or at all. Now, I make it my business to talk to God first thing in the morning and right before I go to sleep--no matter what. And when I talk to Him, I tell Him about all of my worries, thoughts, and feelings. I let Him know my wants and needs, I ask Him for them but ultimately ask that His will be done and that He open my heart to be accepting of it. God will take care of us and work things out for our good. It may not happen on our time or the way we want it to, but He will. All we can do is to continue to praise Him for what we do have, ask for what we do want/need (it's okay to do this!) and be ready and willing to accept His will. You be blessed.


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