2014 Powerful Women's Luncheon

Photo by Creatively Flawless Branding

This past weekend I attended the second annual Powerful Women's Luncheon. The luncheon was was founded by Creatively Flawless Branding Agency which is "a branding house that specializes in Building dynamic brands For ultimate success". The event was co-hosted by The Bee Agency PR Firm and was sponsored by several successful small business.

The luncheon brought together over 100 women of different ages and social backgrounds for networking and inspiration. Many women have already established businesses and many women have projects in the works. There were scientists, beauticians, non-profit organization founders and artists and each of them are passionate about what they do or aspire to do. 

God gave me to vision to establish The Christian Family Network, a non-profit organization . I love and adore God and my family and I want nothing more than to see my family and other families in Christ make it past the pearly gates. It is sometimes hard to stay focused and press because in our entrepreneur endeavors because money and support don't come easy. It is important that we don't compete with each other. Being successful isn't about who makes the most money or who is most popular. It is about uplifting and supporting others with their dreams and aspirations. 

Photo by Creatively Flawless Branding

Here are some outfit inspirations that Creatively Flawless Branding Agency posted on their Instagram page

Photo by Creatively Flawless Branding

Photo by Ms. J Rivers

I wanted some thing simple. Dress: J CPenney, Blazer: Kmart, Shoes: DSW

I will be supporting Creatively Flawless' Powerful Women's Campaign. I suggest you do the same!

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