The Way Too Live Crew

Meet the Crew

My pride and joy, my first born Braylin. This cutie pie enjoys calling my name 15+ times per minute. He loves Captain America America with Iron Man as his sidekick. Braylin's color of choice is red. He loves to play Minion Rush on my phone. He repeats everything his big brother says and he keeps a watchful eye over his sister, when he isn't taking toys from her.

This chocolate handsome fellow is TJ. He is the big brother of the crew. He is a true reflection of his father. His beloved super hero is Spiderman. His love of the color green comes from his dad. TJ has a deep love for music. His favorite song is my "ringsong" as they call it, "The Reason" by Coko. TJ, like his brother, is addicted to playing the game Minion Rush on our phones.

This pretty big-smiled jewel is my mini-me Melanie. She is pro Braylin & TJ no matter what and mimics them perfectly. She reminds me so much of myself when I was younger. She has learning toys, but she'd rather cruise the hardwood/tile floor with her brother's toy cars. Her superhero is her precious baby doll that was given to her this past Christmas. We haven't given her a name yet. Mel is DEFINITELY a daddy's girl.

The Way Too Live Crew


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