The Slim Down: OUR Weight Loss Journey

Travell & I have officially started Insanity as of yesterday. We did the fit test and all I could do was smh. I fell off and gained back all of the weight I gained last year. Eating healthy is expensive and I'd rather make sure my kids were fed and had their snacks. I couldn't afford my gym membership because things got tight. I also lost the motivation partly because I set my goals too high. I've learned to set shorter goals that will be easier to meet in order to reach my long term goal. I'll be honest in saying that not seeing the scale move as fast as I thought it should irritated me, lol. 

We pushed ourselves to finish the workout today. I wanted to give up with 10 minutes left, but he wouldn't let me. I'm excited and I love that he is motivated enough to go hard with me. 

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