Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

For some reason, now matter what we have done in life or where we have gone we have found ourself in the midst of turmoil. Finances may have dwindles even though bill have increased, or may a friendship/relationship ended on bad terms. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try fight to make sure that we have our lives and homes together life it seems that life just does as it pleases. We begin to question decisions we've made and possibly even God's plan for our lives. The beauty in having a relationship with God is knowing that he will always have our backs. 

One thing we have to remember is that 'life' is going to happen. It won't be perfect, but we have to remember that we serve a PERFECT God. Turmoil needs fuel to thrive and whatever you focus on will be magnified. Instead of arguing back and forth with someone give that situation to God and let him heal and work things out. Instead of stressing about not being able to pay bills give your finances to God. Bills will ALWAYS be there, so put your focus on God and he will handle the rest. 

You have no control over anything or anyone except yourself. Don't stress. Rest in God, be still and find peace in him.

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