"Persistence" by Ms. J Rivers

He loves her. His soul burns 4 the passion he can't reach & it seems as though he's fighting an endless battle. He won't give in 2 the cries of self-consciousness & abuse that have consumed her. Those cries hide her beauty & weaken the love that he desperately tries 2 contain. He fears that she is no longer able 2 accept an untainted love. She cried & her soul faded. Her light became dim & not even the stars could give way 2 the darkened path he would soon tread. She now swims in agony but he won't let her drown. Somehow he is able 2 keep her head above the water so that her mind can swallow his words. They would have sounded so sweet yesterday. But today they are bitter & she spits them out.What is he to do? He knows that once he infiltrates, she will have no choice but 2 give in. He is all she desires but her pain has become one with her ability 2 love selflessly. She doesn't think she can give her all because she can't trustHer tears were forced from her & she became void of love & life. Stripped of her purity, her being became desolate. As she cried, he stood up. He didn't know where it came from but his spirit felt it. Her pain became his & he yearned 2 ease her. They have neither spoken nor met but she became half of him. No amount of defeat can keep him from her. He will break sound & time barriers 2 reach her. Life with her must be permanent or he will perish. He will blind side her & hit her from behind. No chains can hold his wings. He takes flight & dives. As he jets through the galaxy he meets the demons that have taken over her soul. They taunt & beat at him with weapons of steel that were formed from her scars. Insecurity grabs him by his arms & tosses him towards a meteor. He barely misses. Lies and Tears double team him & try 2 drown him while Misery pulls at his ankles below the murky water. He loses his strength & becomes submissive. Trust grabs his throat & squeezes tight. As he gasps 4 air, his heart slows & his thoughts leave him. He takes what appears to be his last breath & before he closes his eyes he sees a light. Randomness runs crazily through his mind. He feels defeated. Has she no love left in her? He gave his all..risked death even, 4 a love he never knew. He smiles. He is proud 2 die 4 her. Passion & desire overwhelmed him & he was happy 2 fight until his death.He is prepared, & at this point, there is nothing that he alone can do. Suddenly, he falls & it doesn't occur 2 him that he is still alive. He lands on a hard surface & his body is limp. He can't see his surroundings. His body is broken but his spirit remains elevated.A door opens but he sees no 1. There is a light that gets brighter with each passing minute. Tears fall from his face & as they hit the ground they become a path. He is afraid that what is behind the door is worse than purgatory itself. He's in pain & wants 2 stay where he is but his heart urges him 2 P.U.S.H forward.He stops at the door's entrance & listens 4 a sign but the silence is as loud as Heaven's trumpets. He becomes confused; he feels a heartbeat that isn't his. A voice whispers saying that his trials aren't in vain. Is it her? The voice leaves & as fog falls in front of him the air gets colder. Maybe he was dreaming. He becomes afraid & all that is positive within him begins 2 fade. He has wasted his time & wants 2 die. The voice comes back & urges him 2 follow. The fog clears slightly & he can see a delicate path b4 him. He crawls & passes though the doors. He looks below & is afraid of what is beneath. Insecurity, Tears, Lies, Misery & Trust lash at him. They hope that he will fall through but he carefully evades.Much time passes & his energy slowly creeps back into his veins. The voice speaks 2 him during his journey. The soft spoken words soothe him. He obeys & continues. Why does he not give up? Yesterday he cried, & half of him died. He understands her pain. Since she is half of him, if she dies, he dies also. He is determined & can't hear the voices that tell him 2 stop & turn back. They say that she is bitter & will never be able 2 love. His mind can't understand such talk because it is consumed with wisdom. They say that no amount of a man's pride is worth death. This isn't pride. It is Faith & Love.He is thirsty & hungry & decides 2 stop for a break, but there is no nourishment; no water. Nothing is available 2 replenish him. There isn't even a promise that he will reach her. Was the voice that of his own hope or could it be possible that she is reaching out 2 him? As he stops 2 close his eyes he notices that the voice gets quieter. The creatures below him bang & yell. He is so tired; can he not rest for a moment or 2? He gathers the last of his energy, & as he presses on he hears somethings he hasn't heard since the first time he loved. Flutes play. The fog clears completely & he sees angels with majestic beauty standing around. Sweet smelling flowers drop their petals at his feet.A fountain appears before him & he drinks viciously. A feast is brought 2 him & he eats until full. The angels play softly & he sleeps. When he wakes trumpets play. As he stretches & looks up he is marvelled by what stands in front of him. He sees the most beautiful woman ever envisioned. It is her. She smiles at him. Her eyes light up the garden & his body is warmed. She stretches out her hand & when he grabs it the transition begins...

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