Blog Comments Pt. 2

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. It seems that my blog has an anonymous stalker. I am going to address this for the LAST time.

I never understood the reason for posting an anonymous comments. People usually do it because the comment is malicious or sneaky. The title of this blog clearly reads 'Ms. J Rivers', which means it is MY blog. I will post what I want when I want to. This is not the bible, so I may add to or take away from any post as I please. If I don't add all details of my life/relationship in a post I have that right. I don't blog for respect, especially not for the respect of the person who constantly leaves me dumb comments. I hope that the information I do post helps someone in any way possible, but more than anything this blog is MY outlet. I post what's on my heart/mind. This isn't a 'tell-all' so get over yourself. If anyone has question about my relationship OR my life that I do not post you have the option of putting your email address in the comment box with that question and I will certainly respond as soon as I get a chance.

 I do appreciate all comments that my readers post as long as they are positive or they serve as constructive criticism. I will NOT publicize rude comments that are meant to badger me. Like I said in my last post, if you are BOLD enough to post a ridiculous comment please be bold enough to announce yourself. Now does that mean that your comment will be publicized? Of course not, but at least I will know who to contact.

From here on out YOUR (the one who has nothing better to do than send me dumb comments) anonymous comments will not be read. They will be deleted upon retrieval. Instead of worrying about what I do or don't post about my relationship you should evaluate yourself, because (clearly you are either posting on his ex's behalf OR MAYBE you are someone he used to mess with and you are bitter). Either way, I don't care. If there is anything you wish to say to me you can email me or contact me on Facebook. Thank you for your added page views! :)


  1. omg! I'm so sorry you have a crazy on your hands!! :(

    1. Yes! I try not to entertain other people's bitterness and misery. I've been dealing with my boyfriend's ex off and on for a while. The minute I post about our growth and happiness the crazies come out...smh.


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