Sunday: Family Fun Day!

Hey guys!! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

Sunday is family day for us. It's the only day that my boyfriend amd I have off together. If we have the eextra money we take the kids out. They are typically with their Grandma all week. We work full-time jobd and t bothers me that I don't see them as much as I want to. This weekend's fun wasn't exactly a sacrifice, but if it was I wouldn't care. They deserved the fun.
We took them to the UniverSooouuuulll Circus. I had heard about it a while ago and Travell said they were in town. I'm sure he had already planned on us going so he bought the tickets while he and I were on a breakfast date. Needless to say, I didn't object! We got there early around 11:45am. The boys were able to get their faces painted. Unfortunately, they didn't have Iron Man available so they were happy with Spider Man. Travell went to get snacks while I got us situated. Melanie slept through the first 20 minutes or so. I couldn't wake her up! Lo and behold, Superman (T) wakes her up. He just has the magic touch with her.  The show started at 12:30pm. The boys were in awe of the elephants, but having them ride on its back was out if the question, lol. They made sure to point out how badly they smelled. We had a ball! We got out picture taken and paid $10 for it. Guess who left it in the tent?! Yes, yours truly. I went back to see if it was still there, but of course it was gone. My feelings were so hurt. It was a really nice photo. We did take plenty, so I'll be ok. I was so impressed with the acts. We really enjoyed ourselves. Let's see what Travell has in store for us next time!

I sometimes wish I could have the kids more, but our work schedules don't allow it right now. Every Sunday will be "Family Fun Day"!

Mel's 'Just Woke Up' Face

Travell Sr. and TJ

These things have SWAG!!

Young kid was so hype!

Funnel Cakes! They were good!

Putting them on the elephant's back was NOT an option. TJ hardly wanted to look at it, lol.


Lord Jesus, that thumb! Dig the Spiderman face paint.

Shirts: "World's Best Little Brother" & "World's Best Big Brother". Too bad I couldn't find a cute matching shirt for Melanie...

SOOO out cold! He stepped down the stairs with dude on his head!

Melanie, & Travell. She's a daddy's girl & is always biting her lip...

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