Ladies Room Etiquette

OMG! Ladies, WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER! Am I the only one who uses 2 toilet bowl liners when I use a public restroom?? It makes absolutely no sense that I  walk into stalls that have urine on the toilet and/or floor. I've even encountered one with fecal matter on the floor. It wasn't a child, because children weren't allowed in the building. I just don't understand it. We all, excluding seasoned women, menstruate. It's, of course, understandable to see sanitary wrapping in the WASTE BASKET that is generally nailed to bathroom stalls. Under NO circumstances should used sanitary items end up and STAY on the floor. I squat sometimes when using public bathrooms even though I'm using toilet liners, because you can't be too safe. Pee...might drip on the seat, but do you mean to tell me that even after turning around to flush the toilet you didn't notice it politely resting on the seat?! I'm sorry if I seem so annoyed, but I am. Women are supposed to be...classy and sophisticated. I still exude some of my tomboy characteristics, so sophisticated behavior isn't always on my attitude list for the day. However, you won't catch me leaving creepy crawly microorganisms where others have to put their genital orifices. All I'm saying is that WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER! Have some respect for yourselves and others. Is that the type of behavior you want to show your boyfriend/husband? Forgetting to flush the toilet while in a hurry is common. I know plenty of clean women who have done it, including myself, but I can guarantee you that being TRIFLIN is a MAJOR turn off for a man. We have to get ourselves in order for our children. I always try to make sure that I do things right so that my babies will follow in the right footsteps. What if your son brought a girl to your house and was never taught prompter sanitation and cleanliness. That's a talk you DON'T want to have with her parents...


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