Happy 1st Birthday Melanie!!

I had a beautiful 3-day weekend!! It was pretty relaxing. My baby Melanie celebrated her 1st birthday on Tuesday!! It's almost like she was aware of it because she was being a super queen, lol. We didn't do much. My Mom brought up Chuck E. Cheese, but I wasn't really feeling that. The boys would have had fun, and we'll will probably take them at a later day (maybe Braylin's bday - Nov. 28th) but I just wanted to chill. We sat in at pizza hut and stuffed our faces and then we went to my Mom's. The kids played with my brother and sisters. We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday. It was fun, and she got her fill of entertainment and attention.

Notice the cars in the tub. No matter what it is she has to play with she will push it across the floor like a car. She emulates her brothers and it is HILARIOUS! Hmm, she might be a tomboy like I was, lol. I'm not sure... Either way there will have to be a happy medium because I was a super tomboy!

Mel and Te-Te Nae. She was a little upset because I smashed a cupcake on her lips. She couldn't get the icing off of her hand and I think that annoyed her. I couldn't help but laugh. She wouldn't even hold the cupcake so I had to feed her pieces. 

My Big Boys Braylin and his big bro TJ. I guess he was starving because B ate 3 slices of pizza...WOW!! They LOVE Melanie to death. When I woke up that morning they came in and sang her happy birthday. She didn't know what was going on but she was feeling the love. These 2 are so silly. One day I'm going to randomly record them and post it here. I love them...fun times. I took a pic of my babe stuffing his face but it's kinda bold so I won't put him out there like that, ha!

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