Hair Update

I'm loving my hair journey so far. I watch Youtube videos all of the time to learn about different products, styles and techniques. I'm torn between wanting to get locs or let my hair stay free. I won't make that decision for at least another year. If you have any advice or tips feel free to let me know!!

So, I put a burgundy rinse in my hair. I love it!! I did leave my scalp a little red but who cares. My temple and nape aren't red so I'm happy. 
This is what I cowash my hair with. I try to only wash my hair once every two weeks, but if I work out everyday I might hold out for a week and 3 days. It makes it easier to detangle my hair and it leaves it soft with a nice scen

I've been getting really good with doing flat twists. I usually see women make them larger on Youtube, however my hair is thin and short. I really love the curl pattern when I do it like this.

This is the first product I purchased when I started my natural hair journey. It's really light and I had to use it daily. If I put some in my hair today I'd have to add more the next morning. It's not horrible and it is cost friendly, but I probably won't purchase it again.
Everyone has been ranting and raving about this stuff. I found it in my local beauty supply. It smells amazing and I only have to use it every other day. When I cowash I use the Cantu Shea Butter and I seal my ends with this. In between washes this is the only product I'll be using.  

I LOVE this stuff! I have 4 something textured hair. Not sure if it's A, B or C. It makes my hair soft without weighing it down. It smells so good. My babies call it candy. I am still looking for new products to try. I'll probably get some raw Shea butter and add some essential oils.
I was using the Olive Oil Edge Control, but it weighed my edges down. It was too thick and didn't allow my hair to breath. It didn't get hard and flaky, but it left residue and I hated that. I saw this Eco Styler at Kmart and decided to try it because it is alcohol free and it doesn't flake. My hair stays soft and it really shows my curl pattern while giving my hair a soft hold for my frohawk style.

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