To God - Rededication

Last night my boyfriend and I made a heartfelt decision to submit and rededicate our lives back to Christ. It was an emotional moment. We talked about our feelings towards God and our plans and goals for ourselves and our family. We have 3 children between us that we need to focus on. We prayed to break all generational curses from our parents and ancestors and we casted out demons. I learned that prayer isn't just about thanking God, and repenting. We have to cast out the demons that dwell in us and pray for the Holy Spirit to reside within us. We have had a very beautiful relationship thus far, but I know that with God as our focus and foundation there is no limit to our love and where our family can go. He wants so badly for God and the Holy Spirit to pour into him. I have faith that he will be strengthened and made whole. We have both endured a lot of pain and struggle in our lives apart from each other and we refuse to let our children grow up in a 'mess'. I found a couple of prayers from the "Promises From God For Your Child" YouVesion Bible App -

"Lord, I claim this promise from Deuteronomy 30. Because I choose to live for truth and for God, I believe spiritual life will be passed to my child. I pray that he/she will continue the family tradition of choosing life and be filled with the very life of God. In doing so, Braylin, Melanie & TJ will escape the destructive results of a life of sin. I confess that the life-giving attributes of God's nature-love, joy, peace, righteousness, and goodness will fill our home, our lives, and our relationship. Yes, I choose life for myself and for my offspring. In the name of Jesus, amen (let it be so)!" 

"Lord God, there are many deadly influences around my child. The world's system, which is dominated by the evil one, will destroy the souls of children who are unprotected. But I claim the blood of Jesus over my home and my offspring. I believe Braylin, TJ & Melanie will be preserved from evil for "the eye of the Lord is on those . . . who hope in His mercy, to deliver their soul from death" (Ps. 33:18-19). In the name of Jesus, amen (let it be so)!" 

I love my boyfriend with all of my heart. I want what's best for him and our family. God has definitely blessed him in spite of any of his feelings or circumstances and things that man and Satan has thrown his way. He is a very strong man and I applaud him for his courage in working towards being the man that God predestined him to be. He is also the best father a child could ask for and the best boyfriend a woman could ask for. I love you Travell!!


  1. Yeah for the two of you for rededicating your lives to God.

    1. Thank you! It's a constant fight, but we are supportive of each other.


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