I Won't Give Up The Fight!

I have been going hard in the gym. I started off on the treadmill because I was afraid of the elliptical. Terrible, right? Well, yesterday I did my cardio on the elliptical for 30 minutes. After that I did some strength training and then finished off with a stationary bike for 20 minutes. I can say that I was satisfied with last night's session. I currently weigh 185lbs. The little 5 pounds I lost at the beginning of the year came back because I gave up. I REFUSE to be a failure with this. I am soooo tired of being sick and tired of being tired of being FAT. I am not thick, I am fat. I have come to terms with it and I am going to change it. I find it so funny that when I tell people what my weight loss goals are they say, "you'd look sick if you got that small", or "you look better thick". Screw that, I feel terrible. I'm tired most of the time and it makes me feel bad when I'm exhausted after playing with my babies. I can't wait to LOOK and FEEL good. Going to the gym makes me feel good. I don't get bored, at least not yet. I want a life of joy and fun with my children. I love tossing and running around with them. My birthday is in a little over 2 months and I have a loss goal of 20lbs. I'm going to push hard for it. I'm going to put my lifestyle change in God's hands and do this the smart and right way without crash diets and extreme fasting. This has to be a long-term lifetime change and I'm so ready for it!

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