The Slim Down: The Struggle

I have been on this weight loss journey for a very long time. I lose motivation and quit or I can't seem to find the time to workout or the money to buy healthier foods. I just started eating healthy a couple of days ago and it has been hard. I consume enough calories but I'm hungry a lot of the time because my stomach is much larger than it should be. It takes maybe a couple weeks of eating smaller portions for it to shrink to normal size. I keep trying to picture myself at my goal weight. A smile crosses my face at the possibility of making it there. I remember the last time I went shopping. I cried and left the store without buying anything. I couldn't fit anything I chose. I was so heartbroken and I was determined to lose my weight. My boyfriend went with me and even though he love me as I am I was embarrassed and frustrated. I gave myself until my 26th bday, which is Oct. 16th to lose 30lbs. I know that it isn't smart to set goals like that and that I should be happy with whatever weight I lose. I will be ok if I'm short of 30lbs but that is my goal. As of now I want Taco Bell and McDonald's...smh. I really need some support!!!


Dinner... I also had baked chicken wings

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