ABCs of Jazzy

A - Married or Available?
Single but not available.

B - Book
Battlefield of the Mind -Joyce Meyer

C - Children, Names
Braylin, 2 & Melanie, 7m

D - Drink of Choice
Simply Apple Juice

E - Essential Item
My Phone (sad, I know lol)

F - Favorite Color

G - Game to watch or play
Wii Monopoly (I've beat like 2 times lol

H - Hometown
Born in Mt. Clemens, MI - Raised in Benton Harbor, MI

I - Indulgenge
Oreo Cookies and a tall glass of milk

J - Job
I currently work in a call center for Apple Inc.

K - Kicks
Air Max 

L - Life is incomplete without
God and my children. LOVE!

M - Movies
Selena, Titanic, Finding Nemo, Lion King, Madagascar, The Five Heartbeats, Sparkle (old school), Harry Potter, Twilight Series

N - # of Siblings

O - Oranges or Pineapples

P - Phobias/Fears

Q- Favorite Quote

R - Reason to Smile
My children and others who pay attention to me. I'm not perfect, but I want people to be able to see God in me.

S- Season
Early Fall and Late Spring

T - Tattoo
I have a heart with a banner that says "Simply Beautiful" at the top of my back between my shoulder blades.

U - Unknown fact about me
My favorite place to praise God is in the shower

V - Favorite Vegetable
Green bell peppers

W - Worst habit
Worrying. I need to stop because my God is bigger than ALL of my issues. Worry isn't all. It shows a lack of faith. 

X- X-rays
My knee when I DESTROYED my ACL and then when I tore my MCL (Fell while pregnant).

Y - Young or Old
I love my youth. I still have time to live and get my life in order with God. However, it is a blessing to get  'seasoned'. I'm not rushing it though lol.

Z - Zodiac

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  1. Hey, lady! Thanks so much for the reference! I see that you have 8 siblings as well, what a coincidence and I love, love, LOVE your favorite quote! I'll have to tuck that one away for later use :)!

    Please send me an email when you get a chance (, I can't seem to find an email in order to get in touch with you!

  2. awww this is so cute!! and the kiddies...i love sibling love like that!!

  3. You're welcome Nicole!! Yea, I love that quote. I keep in with me.

    @Mrs. Pancakes, Thank you. She has 2 big brothers. They are so protective of her. If we are at the store they'll be like, "don't talk to my Melomie" (Melanie) lol

  4. AJ, you're a no-reply blogger so it makes it harder for other bloggers to interact with you once you've left a comment on your blog. This in turns makes it harder for you to grow. I was hoping you'd send me an email so that I could tell you so directly; however, you may not have realized that was my reasoning behind asking you that in the above comment so I figured I'd let you know here. I never want people to think I'm ignoring them when they leave comments on my blog; however, I can't respond back them directly if they are a no-reply blogger or if they don't have their email address listed on their blog. Please let me know if you need instructions on how to correct the no-reply blogger issue! Feel free to remove this lengthy comment, I just didn't know how else to make you aware! Take care, lady :)!!!

  5. Correction interact with you once you've left a comment on THEIR* blog.


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