It's Over...

You came with promises. You came with empty words and promises to love. You promised this time would be different than before. No secrets, no lies...just the babies and you & I. It was supposed to be real, but now my only option is to heal. Why did you waste my time? Why not let me be free instead of saying you'd be mine. Of all the hearts you've broken mine wasn't supposed to be on that list. I'm so tired of holding on to nothing. I'm exhausted. Our past has become our present. I refuse to let it be my future. All I ever hear is, "I'm not ready" & "I don't know. How is it fair to hold my heart in the balance between maybe and no? JUST LET ME GO! Just move on and do what it is that you REALLY want to do. It's freedom that you want right? Well you got it!

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