There is no one that I trust. I wish I had someone to pour my heart out to...someone who's shoulder I can cry on & trust them with my pain. I don't want someone to pacify me. I want someone who understands everything I am going through. I know I can always talk to God. He is truly a comforter. Yet, it would be nice to have someone to laugh or cry with. It would be nice to have a true friend. One who won't judge, talk about me or let others talk about me. It would be nice if they loved me for all that I am, am not & could be. I have always been a great friend. Still I've never had a great friend. I'm always sacrificing my time, money & emotions for people I care about. When is my turn going to come??


  1. I understand sweetie, Lord knows I do! Yesterday was my Birthday and I turned 35! I was so depressed by the fact that only one person called me.... FB posts even though there was over 100 don't count. I have thrown a many suprised birthday parties for family, friends and my OES sisters so when that happened I was like REALLY! So sad. I just thank God thathe sent me my Fiance because if it was not for him and my kids I wouldn't have made it through the day without cursing. It is so hard to trust people because we are subject to change! But our Father in heaven is always the same. Keep your head up and pray that the Lord will send the right people at the right time to be there for you unconditionally! Love ya!

  2. Awh, I really appreciate that!! I am learning to trust God..


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