End Note

I'm tired...tired of this pointless endless battle. Tired of this relationship that isn't a relationship at all. I didn't want to give up. My efforts, obviously not grande enough, were supposed to lead to union, stronger love and commitment. I put forth time, energy I didn't have, love & tears. I instead got lies, pain, deceit & broken promises. I'm so tired. I know that you can't make someone want something they don't, but man, considering all we've been through & what you say I mean to you things would be different. I tried showing that love isn't about pain, but about care, happiness, & support. Your pain isn't my burden to carry, but I carried it. I stayed through all the dumb stuff. I can't keep patiently waiting for something that will never come. We are both single so I shouldn't be worried about other women. I am, so I'm going to let go for my own sanity. I care about you for many reasons, but my love belongs to whoever will love me as I love them...

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