The touches don't feel the same. The kisses don't move me anymore. Things are...different. I gave up trying. I gave up waiting. I'm giving up loving. I don't like different. My heart doesn't skip a beat when our bodies meet. The physical sensation has been ok, but the emotions are almost gone. Things are so different. I guess my heart has a timer. It was a ticking time bomb. It exploded the moment reality set in. All of our moments & words were released into the atmosphere and drifted away. Things are so different. Sometimes I want to rush to the ending, but I know that getting over love is a process. It's a process I wasn't expecting to go through. I expected us to be one. Things are different though. I'm not going to fight anymore. I won't compete. People say I should fight for what I love. Fighting is exhausting me and isn't getting me any closer to love. I asked why we can't be together. You said things are different. I said ok...

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