Who is AJ?

Jasmine 'AJ' Rivers is an ambitious mom of two who epitomizes persistence. From living well to being homeless with her children, AJ has never let the darkness consume the light that God has placed in her. AJ recently became a full-time mom and is excited to share her journey of growth and development as a woman and mother.
The Mom Who Could" had gained readership from all over. She uses the platform to document her successes, failures and lessons learned. AJ's newest endeavor is that of a budding entrepreneur and health and wellness advocate. After dealing with depression and losing 25 pounds, AJ went on to create "Yo! (You're Outstanding) Wellness" where she aims to help women become their best self physically and emotionally.  
When AJ is not at her 9-5, with her children, working out or blogging she is writing for Advance Magazine which is Detroit's premier women's magazine. AJ's unique, comedic and compassionate personality enables her to inspire women to be the best version of themselves that they can be. 

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