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Your Guide to Healthy Growing Hair

Big Chop #2 + HSN Supplements

I did the big chop in 2012 just after I had my daughter and couldn't wait to grow long luscious 4c curls. However, that didn't happen. I've been dealing with hypothyroidism since I was 13 and my hair has always been thin and brittle. I've installed box braids and Marley twists to let my hair grow out but due to the constant breaking, I could never retain and enjoy the length. Earlier this year I decided to taper my own hair. I figured if I'm going to be bald-headed I'll be bald-headed with style!

I only wash my hair twice per month or more if I have a lot of product build up. Most days I spray it with water and add some leave-in conditioner if I don't two-strand twist it the night before. I've tried several products including Cantu and Shae Moisture but none have worked to retain moisture and length. I've been using Dark and Lovely's Au Natural line along with ORS and so far these products are best when it comes to keeping my hair moisturized. 

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The newest addition to my hair care line is the It Works Hair Skin Nails supplement. It's a proprietary blend natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals with 5,000 mcg of Biotin (per 2 pills). It basically nourishes my hair from the inside out while boosting collagen and keratin production. I love that it doesn't have the harsh effects of hormones that cause hair growth in unwanted places. I don't know of one woman who wants a beard or mustache! I've been taking HSN for about 2 weeks and my hair is definitely not brittle and isn't breaking off. 

  • Take 2 supplements each day: 60 come in a bottle so you'll be getting a month's supply!
  • You MUST drink at least 64oz of water daily. (you can fertilize a plant but it won't grow without H2O)
  • HSN retails at $55, BUT you know I got you! Sign up today as a Loyal Customer and you'll receive them for just $33 (40% off!)
  • For a minimum of 3 months, you'll continue to receive that discount on HSN supplement or on any product you'd like to order. Dope, right?! You can cancel your membership after 3 months or continue your journey (you'll fall in love with the products and won't even want to cancel) Penalty free!
  • This is is not a game! There are no membership fees or hidden costs. Your only commitment is to purchase at least one product each month, for at least 3 months and enjoy this journey with me. PERIOD!
With that being said, let's be the best we can be!!


I'm so excited to embark on this journey, and can't wait for you to come along for the ride!! WHO'S READY?! Text Hair Growth to 586-574-5516 to get started today!

Join YO! Wellness

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and due to dealing with Hypothyroidism the journey has been pretty difficult. Well, I was finally able to lose 25 pounds! I have learned to love myself as I am and I am working towards becoming the best woman and mother I can be. I've used It Works over the past few years after having my daughter. I fell in love with the products and am proud to officially announce Yo! (You're Outstanding) Wellness as an addition to The Mom Who Could brand!
Living well has been a serious part of my life over the past several months. I've learned to love every part of my being. I am excited about becoming a budding entrepreneur while promoting products that not only work for me but will work for anyone who is consistent and serious about changing their lifestyle. This AMAZING opportunity is for ambitious women with goals of becoming their own boss. If you're looking to set your own schedule, demolish goals or just bring in an extra stream of income I encourage you to join me on this journey as a business partner. 
If you need assistance with growing your hair, improving your skin or losing weight or if you're interested in growing and being in charge of your life and future, join YO! Wellness today!! Text You're Outstanding to 586-574-5516 for assistance with your wellness needs or to become a business partner.

New Full-Time Mom

B & M's dad has been playing the role of full-time dad since early 2015. His oldest son was in school and we wanted to make sure that he along with B & M went to the same school through M's preschool year. It was an emotional struggle for me. They lived east with dad during the week and I was the 'weekend mom'. People would assume that I loved the free time when in all actuality it was basically like living a nightmare. I understand needing a break from time to time, but I neither loved nor enjoyed being away from them all week. I don't know about you, but sometimes phone calls weren't enough. I wasn't worried, though because he took very good care of them. They excelled in school and were as well-behaved as any 6 and 4-year-olds could be.

Dad recently moved to AZ and I am now a full-time mom!! I consider myself a great mom. Perfect? Nah, but determined to raise well-rounded, emotionally and mentally sound and intelligent children. We're on the right track. I work full-time so I had to enroll them in a daycare for the summer. They LOVE it! B is in the older latch key group so they go on 2 to 3 field trips per week. M kinda chills with the kids at the center. She has never had a problem with making friends. She has the most gentle and giving spirit and seriously loves her. Putting them in daycare keeps them busy all week and ensures they won't be bored until school starts.

I do my best to plan out our day/weeks. After work/daycare we either visit our friends Grace and Dell and the kids or I let them run around til dinner. After that, it's bath time and then lights out. I just received B's "Summer Bridge" K-1 workbook so he and M will be doing homework every day to keep them sharp and prepare them for the next school year. I'm excited to buy book bags, school supplies and uniform and I'm looking forward to doing homework and attending Parent/Teacher Conferences and awards ceremonies. I know it won't always be easy but it's more than worth it. I excited for this journey!

My life has been an emotional rollercoaster since day 1. Overcoming is a constant battle and the pain just doesn't seem to go away. It affects my relationships, my goals, my productivity. I have so many dreams but the focus on my faults and weaknesses keep me bound.

The beautiful thing is that I know what my strengths are. I recognize them and I am working on playing on them. For every person out there who is lost, I challenge you to find yourself. Spend time with those who bring out the BEST in you. Spend much needed time alone. Answers can always be found in silence and solitude. Just know that no one else is responsible for our success or happiness. You are stronger than your flaws!


He loves her. His soul burns for the passion that he can't reach and it seems as though he's fighting an endless battle. He won't give in to the cries of self-consciousness and abuse that have consumed her. Those cries hide her beauty and weaken the love that he desperately tries to obtain. He fears that she is no longer able to accept an untainted love. She cried out and her soul faded. Her light became dim and not even the stars could give way to the darkened path he would soon tread. She now swims in agony but he won't let her drown. Somehow, he is able to keep her head above the water so that her mind can swallow his words.

Those words would have sounded so sweet yesterday. However, today they are bitter so she spits them out. What is he to do? He knows that once he infiltrates she will have no choice but to give in. He is all that she desires but her pain has become one with her ability to love selflessly. She doesn't think she can give her all because she can't trust. Her tears were extracted by force and she became void of love and life. Stripped of her purity, her being became desolate. As she cried, he stood up. He didn't know where it came from but his spirit felt it. Her pain became his and he yearned to ease her mind.

They have neither spoken nor met but she became half of him. No amount of defeat can keep him from her. He will break sound and time barriers to reach her. Life with her must be permanent or he will perish. He will blind side her and hit her from behind. No chains can hold his wings. He takes flight and dives. As he jets through the galaxy, he meets the demons that have taken over her soul. They taunt and beat at him with weapons of steel formed by her scars. Insecurity grabs him by his arms and tosses him towards a meteor. He barely misses. Lies and Tears double team him and try to drown him while Misery pulls at his ankles below the murky water. He loses his strength & becomes submissive.

Trust grabs his throat and squeezes tight. As he gasps for air, his heart slows and his thoughts begin to leave him. He takes what appears to be his last breath and just before he closes his eyes, he sees a light. Randomness runs crazily through his mind. He feels defeated. Has she no love left in her? He gave his all - risked death - for a love he never knew. He smiles. He is proud to die for her. Passion & Desire overwhelmed him, yet he was happy to fight. He is prepared - there is nothing that he can do to escape the inevitable.

Suddenly, he falls and it doesn't occur to him that he is still alive. He lands on a hard surface and his body goes limp. He can't see his surroundings. His body is broken but his spirit remains elevated. A door opens but he sees no one. A light gets brighter with each passing minute. Tears fall from his face and as they hit the ground, they become a path. He is afraid that what is behind the door is worse than purgatory itself. He's in pain & wants to stay where he is but his heart urges him to push forward. He stops at the door's entrance and listens for a sign but the silence is as loud as Heaven's trumpets. He becomes confused; he feels a heartbeat that isn't his. A voice whispers to him that his trials aren't in vain. Is it her?

The voice leaves and as fog falls in front of him the air gets colder. Maybe he was dreaming. He becomes afraid and all that is positive within him begins to fade. He has wasted his time and would rather die. The voice comes back and urges him to follow. The fog clears slightly & he can see a delicate path before him. He crawls and passes through the doors. He looks below and is afraid of what is beneath. Insecurity, Tears, Lies, Misery & Trust lash at him. They hope that he will fall but he carefully evades. Much time passes and his energy slowly creeps back into his veins.

The voice speaks to him during his journey. The soft-spoken words soothe him. He obeys and continues. Why does he not give up? Yesterday he cried - half of him died. He understands her pain. She is half of him - if she dies, he dies. He is determined and can't hear the voices that tell him to stop and turn back. They say that she is bitter and will never be able to love. His mind can't understand such talk because it is full of wisdom. They say that no amount of a man's pride is worth death. This isn't pride. It is Faith & Love. He is thirsty and hungry and decides to stop for a break, but there is no nourishment - no water. Nothing is available to replenish him. There isn't even a promise that he will reach her. Was the voice that of his own hope or could it be possible that she is reaching out to him?

The voice gets quieter as he closes his eyes. The creatures below him bang & yell. He is so tired; can he not rest for a moment or two? As he gathers the last of his energy and presses on, he hears something he hasn't heard since the first time he loved. Flutes play. The fog clears completely and he sees angels of majestic beauty standing around. Sweet smelling flowers drop their petals at his feet. A fountain appears before him and he drinks viciously. A feast is brought to him and he eats until full. The angels play softly as he sleeps. When he wakes trumpets play. As he stretches to looks up, he marvels at what stands in front of him. He sees the most beautiful woman ever envisioned. It's her. She smiles at him. Her eyes light up the garden and warm his body. She stretches out her hand. He grabs it and the transition begins...

Excerpt from My Novel (UNTITLED)

(EXCUSE THE GRAMMAR...FOR NOW) -"DONE is better than Perfect."

Look Officer James, I was sick of my parents. I grew so sick and tired of being told how to love, who to love and for what reasons. I'm so sick of America's biased ass perceptions of what beauty is and which race is more beautiful and more powerful. It's stupid, really. And I honestly couldn't take it anymore. All I wanted was to love this woman with all I have - with everything in me. I wanted my family to love her beyond her skin color. I wanted them to see her for the beautiful, artistic, intelligent and supportive woman that she is. But they couldn't. They just couldn't and even if they wanted to they absolutely wouldn't have.

See, my parents grew up in a small town of Willacoochee Georgia. It's was one of the most racist towns in the United States. My grandparents hated blacks and their parents had slaves. So honestly, it's all that my parents knew. That's how they were raised. They were raised to hate black people.

My dad once told me that my grandfather made him push an African-American kid into a river to watch him drown. Luckily there was white man riding his bike who pulled the boy out of the water. Nothing happened to my Grandpa or my father but I'm sure that poor boy was scarred for life. My mom’s evilness is no exception. She told me that they went to an all-white school and they used to throw rocks out of the windows at the black girls that walked home. She once she hit a girl so hard in the head that she fell down and started bleeding. My mom felt bad at first but because her friends laughed she did the same. With that being said, my parents were bad people.

I've never adopted the mentality that black people were inferior and that white people are superior. White supremacy, to me, bunch of bullshit. I've had several black friends - friends of different races actually. And never did I look at myself as being better than them or smarter. I love people. I love all types of people.

I grew up with a deep hatred for my parents, yet I had to respect them because they were, in fact my parents. They raised me. And with all the hatred they tried to instill me towards other groups of people, for some reason it just fueled my respect I love for those other people. It made me want to learn more about the different cultures. Like I said Officer, I am not my parents.

Well, given the circumstances of my upbringing my family could never understand why I actually like being around black folks. They never understood why or how I was able to reject their ideology of blacks. They never understood why I was different. Why I wanted to be different. Why I chose to be different.

My father hated black people so much that he refused a very well paying Human Resources management position at his company because he knew that he would have to hire black people. He would have to shake their hands and wish them well and speak with the in detail. He’d have to ask them about their lives, what they like to do and about how far they wanted to go with the company. The unfortunate part is that he didn't care and since he rejected the promotion and raise I had to miss out on a lot growing up. How pathetic is that? He didn't want to look at those potential employees. He even made sure that his desk was in the very far corner of the office so that he didn't have to interact with them as much.

Everyone knew that my father was a racist but because he didn't speak on those things that he really wanted to say and because he kept to himself no one bothered him. CEO of the company was white all of the management staff was white. T they all stayed together.

I had a friend named Charles when I was younger and Elementary he always wondered why he couldn't come to my house. He asked his mom and she would always say sure but I always come up with an excuse as to how my mom was sick and battling cancer and my dad just didn't want the company to bother her. And some point of Middle School Charles found out that my parents are racist and you couldn't understand how a child to grow up in a racist household and not also be racist so he just took it upon himself to stop being friends with me comma it was a hard period of my life and for a kid I was heartbroken because he was my best friend. I guess I had to respect his feelings and just let him go.

So you see officer I don't regret it one bit. As I sit here in this town and reflect on everything that happened everything that was said I can't say that I regret it and honestly I'm better off. The world is better off.

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